Sunday, June 24, 2012

just sittin

i have been basking in the quiet for about a day now. i got a call from a friend Friday night who needed to be picked up from the train station and housed until he figured out how to get home....but he is a good friend and i didn't mind. however i must say that my intense 'need' for down time might be one of those things that i *think* i need but in actuality don't!

note to self; consider 'Needs' vs. 'Wants'!

so here i sit, it's a cloudy Sunday morning with the cicadas yelling about rain on the way, but it hasn't shown up yet. it is that time of year when the clouds mount on the horizon but never seem to arrive with their payload of water. i should leave now to walk the dogs while there is still a little cloud cover....usually by this time of morning it's an impossibility to even consider going out!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

peace and quiet

wow, it's sublime!

no sweetie (housesitting), no sweetie's daughter (2nd trip to her new house with stuff), and, obviously, no sweetie's granddaughter either--just me, the dawgz and the kitty cat.

i love it. i'm basking in it. thank you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

home alone

all day long. sweeeet.

minor churlishness with the advent of the Serious Heat. temps in the hundreds most of the past week, surprise rain storm on Thursday last. cicadas shrieking early, cooler on by 8:30 a.m.

walk the dogs by 6:30 or don't do it at all!

my work life is diminished as is usual when i'm not in the emotional space to handle someone else's chaos. even if people come with 'mere' physical complaints, i am working on their souls as well. if mine is a bit tattered, my appointments seem to decrease accordingly. which is wonderful, karmically speaking, but not so great for the wallet. sweetie has spent beaucoup bucks on baby and babymother. so we're both broke. (but not broken!)

so glad she is moving out; 1st trip with Stuff today. and then we shall see what happens next.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


well folks (both of my readers), i am so ready for the end of the month.  it is not like me to long for the future, but the daughter and gdaughter will move out and away.  well i guess they are just moving the little town she came from, 90 minutes away. of course sweetie will probably need to go visit them once a week, and this will provide me with some sorely-needed Home Alone time on a fairly regular basis. 

my opinion of their relationship doesn't seem to carry much weight.  but i can tell *you* that i think it is codependent and kind of unhealthy.  sweetie does not want to hear this kind of talk, so i keep it to myself for the most part.  i have said it and therefore am keeping no secrets, but it will do no good to harp on it.  it is what it is.  her stay here is almost over. 

the baby is beautiful, well cared for; smart, engaged with her surroundings, and already waving at 5 mos.!  her mom is smart, dramatic, talkative, canny.  her grandpa is smart, indulgent, and used to picking up mom's slack.  so, i leave it to them.  i spend time in my room with my laptop, or go out on the porch when it's not blazing hot....anywhere that i can be left alone.  i have begun reading again instead of spending every night on the couch playing games beside sweetie who is sitting on the couch playing games.

this week i've had salads every day, with the addition of cooked rice, avocado and a little cremosa queso blanco crumbled on top.  i have tried sweetie's diet and life on for the past year, and have concluded that his diet and his activity levels do not work for me!  he loves GlueFood: pizzas and cake (made from scratch!), fettucine alfredo, mac n cheese (homemade pasta too); cinnamon rolls, caramel apple pie.  when we go to the gym together he is done and waiting for me after about 20 minutes.  i like to go and take my time, so have begun going on my own. 

i know this about myself: i jump into relationships with both feet before measuring the depth.  i "do it their way" until i know if it is good for me or not good.  sweetie and i are a good match but we are not identical by any means.  time for me to start once again to do the things that float my boat.  and let myself blossom in my own pot instead of withering in someone else's.

this whole 4 months has been a real education for me as far as delving into hurt places i thought were healed.  i have done a lot of crying, gnashing of teeth, and forgiving.  it has been fruitful and i am at peace.