Monday, June 18, 2012

home alone

all day long. sweeeet.

minor churlishness with the advent of the Serious Heat. temps in the hundreds most of the past week, surprise rain storm on Thursday last. cicadas shrieking early, cooler on by 8:30 a.m.

walk the dogs by 6:30 or don't do it at all!

my work life is diminished as is usual when i'm not in the emotional space to handle someone else's chaos. even if people come with 'mere' physical complaints, i am working on their souls as well. if mine is a bit tattered, my appointments seem to decrease accordingly. which is wonderful, karmically speaking, but not so great for the wallet. sweetie has spent beaucoup bucks on baby and babymother. so we're both broke. (but not broken!)

so glad she is moving out; 1st trip with Stuff today. and then we shall see what happens next.


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