Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Still Here

Thanks to Facebook i just found out that it was 5 years ago today that i had my dog Sun Bear put to sleep.  I shed some tears at the memory, but she lived to be over 16 years old and had a fine full life. I hope someone is holding me when it's my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge!

In other is slow & money is tight. It's all about survival these days. How much food do i have on hand & how many days will this casserole last? Do i have enough flour to make another batch of muffins that i can have for breakfast with the yogurt i also make myself? A half-gallon of milk makes 10 servings of yogurt and that's the best thing i can think of to do with milk.

I mean i eat very healthy but all my food is made by me. Just made hummus this afternoon & it was great. Costco sells 10# organic carrots for just over $5 and i am glad i like carrots bc 10# is a LOT of carrots! But many nights my dinner is carrots with peanut butter. It's a pretty effective & cheap way to fill my belly. And it's way healthier than fast food. I also make my own almond milk & then dehydrate the almond meal pulp that's left over & use it to bake with. So that's another cost cutter as TJ's almond meal is $7/#.

I'm grateful for mild temps & no need to run the cooler all day. I'm grateful for the clients i had today & the ones i have on Friday. I'm grateful my car is running all right.

I love my work & my critters & my tiny little life.



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