Tuesday, April 05, 2016


This entire world is illusory and yet i am certainly partial to particulars about it. The wisp of energy i still feel between that fellow and myself is a reminder that i seek connection, without remembering that there is nothing else. He and i are certainly connected in a true "wireless" fashion, but i have stopped sending sexual longing through that channel, and therefore feel much less in return. Sigh.

May i never feel the urge or the need to remind someone exactly why i'm so wonderful. May i accept my intrinsic wonderfulness without the urge or need to have that recognition bolstered by anyone outside of me. May my wonderfulness be reflected in the eyes of all i encounter as i show them theirs.



At 4/18/16, 1:25 PM, Blogger Annie said...

I can relate. Why do we require validation to know our value? I'm too old for this shit!


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