Thursday, January 19, 2012

early morning

it's actually 7:40, which isn't early at all, but it's Winter so i give myself permission to sleep in when possible. :)

sweetie is still asleep and i'm enjoying the quiet of this special time of day. we have plans to gardenize the yard and some veggies. we have been house hunting, but for the time being it's on the back burner, so making the current abode more enticing seems to be the plan.

we have a house guest of sorts who's inhabiting the motor home in the driveway and i noticed that they put a flower pot of Swiss chard on the south-facing bumper. stuff like that makes my heart smile. i have never been much of a gardener and i admire that trait in others. i tend to over-complicate the whole thing, when it can be as simple as one or two plants in small containers.

we've been poking around local nurseries for the past couple of days, and bought our seeds at a small one close to home. the proprietor had bok choy in pots for sale and admitted to pruning them daily to add freshness to his ramen noodles. i wondered to myself if he might live on the property, and realized once more that life can be small and simple, even in a city of a million.

it's encouraging to feel the days lengthening, the temps rising, and the sunshine growing stronger. we don't have much of a Winter here, and after a quarter-century in Arizona i fear i have lost all capacity for truly inclement weather. a few days of cloud cover and i'm in the grumpy zone! so in this brief resting period that we laughingly refer to as "Winter" it is good to rest and take stock, plan a little garden and lay seeds in the soil.

may we all plant seeds of peace and lovingkindness in our hearts during this fallow time as well, that they may grow and bloom riotously with the coming Spring!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

inspiration from mississippi

i am so happy to have the new laptop, and 2 days ago my techie came over and transferred my documents and emails from the old hard drive. i owe him a lot of massages!
i spent 2 days organizing the information and now feel pretty complete with this little box in my lap!
i have a friend who blogs almost daily and i was reading that blog this morning. it's not too much to just put a few words down every couple of days. funny, all the people i met through blogging 7 years ago have moved on out of my life. interesting, no?
i finally found a place to stay put and watch the parade go by. it would be nice to be owning or buying a house instead of continuing to rent this little casita, but my appraiser friend says Don't Buy Anything Now, and he knows more about it than i do.
we (sweetie and i) continue to look at homes online, and very occasionally feel impelled to do an actual drive-by-look-see, but haven't seen anything to really pull us out of here.
t'would take quite a bit of pulling! i have dug in here in a big way in 6 years. moving the travel trailer will be the biggest challenge. and heck, cleaning out the office is proving to be almost insurmountable! too. much. stuff!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

winter morning

i had something to say, but couldn't sign into my blogspot page! so, 15 frustrating minutes later, i'm here and have completely forgotten what i was going to say. but since i managed to figure out how to sign on (finally), i felt compelled to post *something*. ha ha ha. :)

i'll come back if i remember what i was going to say.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

4:00 a.m. prayer

in the deep stillness of this night, the neighbor lady's dogs are quiet, there are no sirens. my sweetie breathes deeply, quietly. the ticking of the clock in the kitchen echoes comfortingly. i was awake for no particular reason after the bathroom visit....really awake, and aware that this peaceful lull of activity is the most perfect time to bless the entire dear planet.

i try to use these little breaks for silent and sincere gratitude. so i got up, fixed a cup of lemon ginger tea (heavy on the honey please) and repaired to the living room couch, where dogs stretched and groaned and made room for me beside them. i have a laptop now, so much easier to use than the desktop model that gave up the ghost on christmas eve.

i have felt a sense of anticipation, almost prescience, over the last several months. deep currents of something are stirring and moving in the subterranean vaults of the collective unconscious. the wild gyrations of cultures and people and economies and all that is just the surface expression of this deeper, more silent motion. and i can't say any more about it, just that i'm trying to be ready for whatever happens, trying to seed gentleness and compassion and acceptance and grace into this new ground of consciousness.

changes are coming. may they become the culmination of all the best our shared human nature can offer.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


i see that i have a very few readers these days. not sure what happened to the Blogosphere, except that some stopped, some moved, some limited their access (i'm talking to you, TaraDharma!). all things change and evolve.

in that light i am consciously setting my thoughts, words and deeds to inner change and evolution for the betterment of my world. all thoughts carry a vibration....vibrations ripple out and continue into the atmosphere....well you get the idea. positive vibrations, yeah!

thanks to my teachers (and Bob Marley was definitely one of them)!