Sunday, June 24, 2012

just sittin

i have been basking in the quiet for about a day now. i got a call from a friend Friday night who needed to be picked up from the train station and housed until he figured out how to get home....but he is a good friend and i didn't mind. however i must say that my intense 'need' for down time might be one of those things that i *think* i need but in actuality don't!

note to self; consider 'Needs' vs. 'Wants'!

so here i sit, it's a cloudy Sunday morning with the cicadas yelling about rain on the way, but it hasn't shown up yet. it is that time of year when the clouds mount on the horizon but never seem to arrive with their payload of water. i should leave now to walk the dogs while there is still a little cloud cover....usually by this time of morning it's an impossibility to even consider going out!


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