Friday, March 25, 2016

Light beckons

The full moon was gorgeous and i took the opportunity to join a group that makes a labyrinth every full moon. We met in the river bed near my home. One labyrinth was marked off with pieces of rope, and was laid out in a pretty traditional pattern. Walking through it one cannot tell how the pathway is going to get to the center. Wish i could describe it better!

The other one was laid out in LED lights and was in the shape of a spider! It felt much different energetically than the first one did. Since we met just before sundown, we walked the rope one first so we could see our way. Then on to the Glowing Spider pathway!

I carried a small dark rock into the center of the first labyrinth. Into it i directed all my knee pain and all my heart pain. I placed it at the center altar and gave thanks for leaving that burden behind.

The rock i found to bring home is about a foot wide and shaped like a heart! It was fun to carry that out and up with me as i walked back to my car in the dark.



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