Sunday, January 15, 2012

inspiration from mississippi

i am so happy to have the new laptop, and 2 days ago my techie came over and transferred my documents and emails from the old hard drive. i owe him a lot of massages!
i spent 2 days organizing the information and now feel pretty complete with this little box in my lap!
i have a friend who blogs almost daily and i was reading that blog this morning. it's not too much to just put a few words down every couple of days. funny, all the people i met through blogging 7 years ago have moved on out of my life. interesting, no?
i finally found a place to stay put and watch the parade go by. it would be nice to be owning or buying a house instead of continuing to rent this little casita, but my appraiser friend says Don't Buy Anything Now, and he knows more about it than i do.
we (sweetie and i) continue to look at homes online, and very occasionally feel impelled to do an actual drive-by-look-see, but haven't seen anything to really pull us out of here.
t'would take quite a bit of pulling! i have dug in here in a big way in 6 years. moving the travel trailer will be the biggest challenge. and heck, cleaning out the office is proving to be almost insurmountable! too. much. stuff!


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