Saturday, January 07, 2012

4:00 a.m. prayer

in the deep stillness of this night, the neighbor lady's dogs are quiet, there are no sirens. my sweetie breathes deeply, quietly. the ticking of the clock in the kitchen echoes comfortingly. i was awake for no particular reason after the bathroom visit....really awake, and aware that this peaceful lull of activity is the most perfect time to bless the entire dear planet.

i try to use these little breaks for silent and sincere gratitude. so i got up, fixed a cup of lemon ginger tea (heavy on the honey please) and repaired to the living room couch, where dogs stretched and groaned and made room for me beside them. i have a laptop now, so much easier to use than the desktop model that gave up the ghost on christmas eve.

i have felt a sense of anticipation, almost prescience, over the last several months. deep currents of something are stirring and moving in the subterranean vaults of the collective unconscious. the wild gyrations of cultures and people and economies and all that is just the surface expression of this deeper, more silent motion. and i can't say any more about it, just that i'm trying to be ready for whatever happens, trying to seed gentleness and compassion and acceptance and grace into this new ground of consciousness.

changes are coming. may they become the culmination of all the best our shared human nature can offer.


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