Saturday, October 08, 2005


How'd a week get by so quick?

I can't say i've been incredibly busy, or extremely productive, or imaginatively engaged with anything in particular this week. Guess i just took a blog vaycayshun....

....and i don't have anything too read-worthy to say today either! I'm fine, it's cooler, school's going well, the dogs are happy and healthy and (Angus at least) newly nutless--Ouch! You'd never guess it though, he's as bouncy and optimistic as ever. Such a joyful big soul poured into that little wiry body, i'm lucky to be his human!

I'm northeastward-bound in a couple weeks and a few days. I don't think i've ever been to Minnesota! That will be an adventure for all the senses. Chris fit in so well here in the desert--i hope i will feel as comfortable in the (to me anyway) chilly north! Hey Cooter, why not come up to the Twin Cities for a dinner date with 2 of your blogger pals? LOL....i'm sort of serious, but it's a bit more than a "dinner with friends" drive, isn't it?

Speaking of blogger friends, I was so impressed with the Magster, snagging BeFrank off the Interstate a week or so ago! The proof is in the pictures, so check out either of their blogs for photographic evidence. BeFrank is linked offa Magz', and she's linked offa me, so it'll be like a scavenger hunt for y'all this morning. Yippee!

ciao for now!


At 10/8/05, 9:43 AM, Blogger annie said...

taza~how fun that you get another road trip soon. i hope you enjoy minnesota. my mom's family is from duluth. minnesotans are a rare breed. (ie:garrison kieler!!)
and yes, we will visit when you return to harbin one day! maybe you will have your farmer with you next time. you could see my shack!

At 10/8/05, 1:11 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Hi Taza,

;) Cooter will be alot closer when we are at the cabin.

At 10/8/05, 5:54 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Glad everything is cool with you :)

At 10/8/05, 7:43 PM, Blogger magz said...

Hi there... stranger! Did ya read the news stories about the Ig-Nobel prizes this year ? (Scientists voting on the sillier yet real side of science)

One of them is RIGHT up Angus's alley! An animal behaviorist/researcher has created and sells online.. plastic dog testicle prothesises! For their self esteem and peace o mind at dogparks I guess... TRUTH!

I'll find the link for ya, they ran a couple hundred to a couple thousand for a pair, garunteed lifelike appearence... LOVE YA SIS! CALL ME SOMETIME...(need my phone # again?)

At 10/9/05, 5:31 AM, Blogger kath said...

your blog sounds joyful today! that is a wonderful thing :)

You mentioned ( at my place ) about being outside a lot more lately.. I know what you mean.. I was out more last week or two as well.. first of all .. things to do to get ready for fall... and so little rain here... my mums need some tlc..

No sunshine here today.. camp and cool.. but thats okay too.. nice snuggle in weather..!

take care and may the stars light your path.. :)

At 10/10/05, 4:47 AM, Blogger Cootera said...

Woo hooooo!! A leetle vaycayshun for Taz!! Hmmm... it's only about a four hour drive from here to Mnpls. And where's the cabin, Chris? Hey, ya never know...


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