Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lost in the ether

Hmmmmm. Lost almost the whole day yesterday to finishing a book (Longing For Darkness by China Galland) I'd been poking along with--I did NOT use the computer, I did NOT go shopping, and I only drove my car to the riverbed in the morning (to exhaust the puppy) and then to work later on. The whole of the day was spent drinking coffee, eating egg rolls, and reading the book. Finally I'm done. But I do need to figger out how the hell to make a second column and start adding links to my blogmates, or I fear I'll be blacklisted!

I know any number of you have already done this without too much gnashing of teeth or rending of garments (but hey--you all may be secret garment-renders when no one is looking), so given that I've seen the sidebar, I know it exists and that I can probably do it without too much trouble. Isn't it quaint that I can blog about blog problems?

Sometimes that opposable thumb just means nothing but headaches. Meanwhile, THANKS for the comments, and I hope to be able to link you soon!

ciao for now!


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