Wednesday, May 11, 2005

how peculiar

I just posted a blog entry that failed to appear... is this normal?
I was praising the Tucson-based Freecycle program, where people post what they have (must be FREE) and other people come get it.
I've got an assortment of potentially useful crap ugly-ing up my back yard. Just moved into this place around the 1st of the year and finally am getting around to dealing with the yard...which could be (Will Be, think positive!) awesome, minus the accumulation!
FREECYCLE began in Tucson and has spread world-wide. If you are interested just go to the Yahoo Groups home and enter Freecycle in the search engine there. There are groups in most major cities.
OK now this is going to sound pathetically redundant if the original post shows up, so I'll quit for now....
wish my life were more interesting, oh well!


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