Monday, May 16, 2005


Geez, I'm feeling supremely testy tonight, and it isn't PMS unless that stands for Persistent Mental Suckiness. I've eaten all the junk in the house while trying to add a Blogroll to this thing, but without much success--at the latter, that is; junk-eating always is a smashing success in this house! Sigh.

So, feeling inept, grouchy, and less than bodhisattva-like (one reader has linked me as Taz the Bodhisattva--so very far from the truth, but I'm moron enough to be flattered)--must be time to listen in on a Buddhism class and get my aura adjusted.

Since I get to print whatever I want, I'll add the link for these courses. Asian Classics Institute ( has top-notch online courses in Buddhism--for free. You can stream them or download them, plus find all the written material you need to go along with the spoken classes. It's an amazing endeavor as it involved inputting thousands of pages of Tibetan Buddhist text (the teacher doesn't require you to learn Tibetan, but has the Tibetan words printed right along with the English translation just so it can 'work on your subconscious level')....and many of those texts are now destroyed courtesy of the Chinese occupation. Centuries of irreplaceable knowledge have been burned--the wood blocks from which the old texts were printed were used for FIREWOOD--ahh, don't get me started!

The man who got all this rolling is Geshe Michael Roach, an American-born, fully ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk who spent 8 years learning Tibetan so he could go study at a monastery in India (the re-incarnated Sera Mey Monastery which used to be in Tibet...) for 22 years. I mean--can I say I've done anything consistently for 22 years, except eat, breathe, and shit? My son is only 21, and I have NOT been a very consistent mother except in title alone....more on that later, maybe.

I have two litmus tests to see how compassionate I'm feeling at any given time--how do I feel about 1) the Chinese government, and 2) George Bush?

On the day that I can honestly say I wish either one or both all the best in the world, I think I'll be enlightened.

But it ain't looking good for today.

ciao for now grrrrr grrrrr grrrrr


At 12/8/05, 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this - haven't had time to read all of your blog - but Geshe Michael's Buddhist University is just a couple of hours from you. Visit for details.


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