Friday, May 13, 2005

2nd of the day

This appears to be a distinctly habit-forming activity....even though no one seems to be reading it, I feel compelled to come and type more stuff for my own pleasure. Beats smoking crack! (Not that I would know....)

I've got a puppy named Angus. He's a purebred Queensland Heeler, which means that he's under, or just behind, my feet most of the time. He's cute as a bug, but bigger, and fuzzier--and has many more, very sharp teeth. The Old Dog (Sun Bear) and I are busy training him not to use us as chew toys, but the lesson bears repeating. Often, and loudly, and sometimes with a physical consequence as well.

Ah, BABIES! My own human offspring is a fully-legal ManPerson and is off on some incredible adventures this summer, so I'm hanging at the home front with the "mouth on legs" as my son calls him.

I've been leaving my door open at night so that Angus can come and go (or, I suppose, go out and go) as Nature intended. This has been the case since I got tired of letting him out 3 times a night. The nights have been cool enough for me to think he might get chilled out there, as he's missing the puppypackness of his litter, so the Open Door policy was enacted, and it's working in terms of keeping piles and puddles out of the house.

And at 5:30 each morning, Sun Bear comes into my room, jumps on the bed, and Angus is right at her heels--as he must necessarily be--he's a heeler (see above)! Usually I lift him up on the bed and then doze for another 20 minutes or so while he romps with the covers....but today, I found out that his tongue exactly fits up my nostrils! (ACK!) I have to say it's a very unusual now I guess I have to put all of me under the covers for that last little delay before arising into the new day.

He also hasn't managed to completely discriminate between licking and biting, which means that any licks can almost instantaneously turn into "weasles ripped my flesh" (bonus points to anyone who can name the author of that line)....but it sure makes waking up interesting!

ciao for now!


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