Thursday, May 12, 2005

Feeling lighter!

Hi everyone, all 2 of yus at least (that would be me and Magz, who as far as I know is the only one who's checking in here with any regularity)!

Gosh, I feel great after yesterday! A nice lady came for a couple of the wooden doors, then a man came for the rest of the doors, and it was one of those "good meets" as we really seemed to enjoy chatting. He loved my puppy Angus and is interested in getting one from Ms. Magz, which made me very happy. As an official Auntie of these pups (I was the assistant midwife on the day of their birth), I'd much rather see them go to someone I've at least had a minor acquaintance with, instead of schlepping them off to the Magz has threatened to do on more than one occasion.

At any rate, he got very interested in the truck as well, and is coming back tomorrow to put some air-holding tires on it so that next week he can haul it home to Red Rocks...wherever that is. Geography was never my strong I haven't a clue where it is, just that it's within a couple hours of Tucson. That's true of a lot of places--little funky out of the way country towns--and I'm ashamed to say I know nothing about any of them, except a couple that I've frequented in the last several years of my life.

Later on another guy showed up and we loaded the dryer and range onto his pickup--and now my back yard is ready for the weed whacker....the graythorn digger....and most especially the cute hunky landscape architect (where oh where might he be????)!!!


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