Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good morning-almost-afternoon

I'm trying to keep this manageable (the true addict's refrain!) by only being online before noon. I've got 18 minutes to finish this post.

I watched a great movie (i.e., sans adventure, thrills, blood, violence, special fx, chase scenes, suspense, etc.--but avec lot of thought-provoking dialogue) last night called Waking Life and must see it again tonight. It did a good job of describing my last few days, which have been spent in a dream-like state that had me confused for awhile. After talking to 2 other friends who have been in Funksville themselves, I quit worrying about it, and will quit apologizing about it too.

I'm a nester and fully claim my rights to my own personal nest that I've created in a city of about a million other souls....after moving back here from the middle of nowhere (15 miles of dirt road in either direction from my old abode), some culture shock is to be expected. Combine that with the old adage, "the older you get, the more like yourself you become," and I'm fully comfortable with whatever permutations of lonerhood I sprout almost daily--be it spending an entire day reading a book, or cancelling one meeting to attend another and then cancelling the 2nd one, or having a diet consisting of PB and B foldovers for about 2 days. (I was dollar-poor, but PB-rich....) Not having any cash is a great way to save money. Har de har har.

Hope YOUR day is going swimmingly and in the right direction too,

ciao for now!


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