Monday, June 18, 2007

my note from the Universe this morning

Did you know, Taza, that your primitive little computer already has about 672 powerful options, shortcuts, and functions you don't even know about that could make your life simpler, happier and zippier with just a few clicks?


And did you know that the Universe has about 672 giga-trillion powerful options, shortcuts, and functions; friends, allies, and confidants; secrets, solutions, and answers; ideas, inventions, and dimensions; angels, wizards, and fairies; engineers, strategists, and specialists; plotters, planners, and diagrammers; nooks, crannies, and hideouts; games, adventures, and thrills; stories, legends, and fables; flavors, scents, and melodies; pleasures, pleasantries, and passions; eurekas, cowabungas, and yeehaas you don't even know about that could make your life simpler, happier, and zippier with just a little visualizing?

Yeah, cooler.

You can start now.

The Universe


thanks to Kath for this, many moons ago! i signed up for my very own Notes and you can too, by clicking HERE.


At 6/19/07, 5:19 AM, Blogger kath said...

*grin* I love my notes too... so many mornings they give me just the smie i need to start my day

At 6/23/07, 4:59 AM, Blogger Jon-Marc said...

Note to self: I love this note!

At 6/23/07, 9:55 PM, Blogger puhpaul said...

Cool. I'm going to have to spend some time there and see what I can find. Thanks for the link.



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