Friday, May 04, 2007

more of the same

i would like to say that i've been absent because my life is so fabulously entertaining right now that i just haven't had time to be here.


it's been hard going lately, slogging through the spring--at least the weather's been glorious!--but on the home front and on the sweetie front, things aren't great.

i've been quiet just because i learned so well, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." however, my silence has become cumbersome, and so i am here to disgorge a bit. if you don't feel like reading a rant, click away from here now!

*****************you been warned******************

ok, first is the sweetie stuff. he was able to visit with his young son for 3 days in a row, seems like it was about 3 weeks ago? we were hopeful of some kind of resolution--or at least a glimmer of one. however, it's not to be--he's been accused of some unspeakable acts, and is now under investigation for that. i'm simply appalled. and i really can't say much more than that, except i continue to believe that the truth will come out, but g-d knows when that might happen.

so--the stress of being far away, and powerless to do anything other than fume (which is not a happy situation for a fire sign) caused me to O.D. on bad food over an extended period. the last straw was the better part of a bag of licorice jelly beans--which caused such an uproar in my large intestine that i ended up pretty much flat on my back for 3 days, with a lower back spasm that wouldn't quit. i never knew jelly beans could actually do a person in!

it's much funnier in retrospect, and i have a new diet now that is remarkably low in sugar and other acid-forming foods. sigh. no more daily coffee, no more ice cream, and definitely no more jelly beans--my Achilles heel of junk food.

meanwhile, my business is growing. i swear it is. i mean, you can't really watch grass grow, but it does, doesn't it? it's incremental. and i am not super patient, although i must say that all these trials in my life seem to be suggesting that it might be a good trait to develop.

i'm not really going to add anything about my financial state except to say that i intend that it's reversing.

one bright light is that a woman i used to trade massage with, is now trading me for business coaching. it is sweet of her to do this AND i'm very surprised by the issues that are coming up. my inner judgments about money and success are quite stubborn, and so working on them will no doubt help the business grow.

another bright set of lights is my animal family. sun bear actually seems to have triumphed over valley fever, sam is gaining weight again, and angus keeps us all entertained and on our toes.

thank you for reading, if you got this far, and i apologize for having mostly bad news to share. maybe i'll go looking for some fun Blogthing to put in next time. something really interesting, like, how to figure out if your sweetheart is going nuts.


At 5/6/07, 4:53 AM, Blogger kath said...

Hey Taz...

Wow, the jellybean thing...
who knew? And yuck.. licorice.

It is hard for some of us to accept prosperity. It feels wrong in some way, due to a lifetime of struggling, I guess. I am one who has that problem.

My friend.. actually another massage therapist, seems to have it figured out. She has never really struggled financially in her life.
her dad had a very, very, very good job. When she became a massage therapist, she not only did massage, but taught, and worked on movie sets.. did home visits ..including for some famous people who paid lots of $ for her services. She had money to burn, seriously. She recently chose to changer her circumstances. She moved from the LA area to another state. She travels to LA every month for about 2 weeks, and works there. She is also building her own line of cards, as photography is a hobby of hers, and she wants to use it, to add to her income.
She will literally figure out how much money she wants to make in her two weeks in LA and.. will make it almost to the penny... often a bit over. She accepts prosperity and it comes to her. I am working on that as well.

As for the other things...
Sorry that your sweetie is going though so much.. and that you are going through it with him. How dreadful. I wish you , and him.. well.

Glad the furkids are doing well... that can be a worry! Take care...

At 5/10/07, 7:31 AM, Blogger Daria de la Luna said...

Ugh! Having to deal with the other parent of sweeties' kids can be simply appalling. My sweetie has an absolutely psycho ex who is bent on poisoning our kids against her (and me). I hate that I, who never chose to marry that loon or procreate with him, have to have my life upheaved by his mental instability! I hope things calm down for you guys soon!


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