Sunday, June 10, 2007 cream

i used to buy the doggy ice cream (Frosty Paws), which is non-dairy and non-sugar. this year it costs 3.79 for a 4-pack.

real dairy and sugar ice cream is 2.50 for a 12-pack....and they love it....but who doesn't?

ok, actually, a diabetic vegan would find nothing at all to love about regular old ice cream....


meanwhile, sundays in tucson are still all about the sweat lodge, even as hot as it's been. there's a much smaller crowd, since many folks leave town for the summers--and others think that those of us who go into a sweat lodge when we *already* live in an oven are CMI.

but the pool is sweet and cool, and the heat of the sweat actually makes it easier to tolerate the temps in town. it's the best!


sweetie and i are singing the long-distance-love-affair blues--both of us are too stressed financially to afford a ticket. plus nowadays he'd have to buy two tickets, unless he left young son with grandma.

anybody out there have a bunch of frequent-flyer miles they would like to donate to me before they expire (the miles, that is)?

it's hard to know exactly what's going to happen here, since neither one of us is inclined to move. i know, it'd be easier for me to move than for him. i'm not convinced that it's the right decision.

it's hard to know what would convince me that it *is* the right decision.

meeting young son would help, i'm sure. so that means a visit, before i pull stakes and relocate.


At 6/10/07, 6:36 PM, Blogger puhpaul said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to link if you like.

I love the dogs.


At 6/12/07, 11:04 AM, Blogger kath said...

Hey taz!

doggy ice cream vs real

with much shame i admit to putting Duncans ice cream in a little cone.

shhhhhh don't tell anyone, ok?

Dunk and I went for a walk on the campus of the school where I work.. it is gorgeous! wish you and your furkids could have joined us. lots and lots of lush green grass, just the most gentle of slopes, and many many m,any trees, so shad was readily available.

also, there are many deer that live there... many deer! and Dunkers had to sniff each and every individual scent.

The only thing better would be to have friends to share it with!

BIG decision on your plate...
wow.. I will send energy your way, that when you make the decision, that it is the one that is best and most right for you.

Wish I had a few zillion miles to send.. I know about long distance love........................

At 7/22/07, 12:38 PM, Blogger Pamela Jai Powers said...

In high school, I used to walk to the local ice cream place at least once a week and buy my dog a small vanilla cone and myself something more exciting. Do you have a blue heeler? I have one named Ding. She endures the soy ice cream that I eat now.

Also, you're right. People don't understand volunteering to sweat more in Tucson in the summer. I love the sweat lodge, the pool, the people and the ambiance at The Sweat. Sunday afternoon? Time to go now!

Pamela Jai


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