Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ho hum heat!

let the swelter begin!

our temps are topping out in the low 100's of late. nighttimes we drop *sometimes* into the upper 60's--but as the day's heat increases, night's cool is warmer and later in coming.

however, the dawn hour is always sweet, cool, and fresh....just gotta keep getting up earlier to catch it! if we laze around past 6:45 nowadays it's just going to be too hot to go to the riverbed for our morning walk.

my ramada is complete and quite amazing. my son spent many dollars, and many hours, and much sweat and cursing, in the hot sun, to provide me with deluxe shade on the west side of my house. it's making a difference!

i'll take some photos of it later on and post them....his first ownself-designed-and-built project!

i'm cheering up too. i've started swimming a little more often, which is always good for the body (if not the hair) and soul. i've also started being more available to my circle of friends for dinner, lunch, etc.

seems to me that i've spent the last year or two waiting for the phone to ring. now that sweetie is busier in his life, i feel that i can be busier in mine too. and my life has a lot of free time now, so summer socializing is a natural.



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