Monday, April 09, 2007

hard times

i wrote a post last week that i deleted at the request of my dear one.

it was an outpouring of the frustration i feel for him and his situation, and the treatment he has been receiving as he tries to reconnect with his young son.

but you know what?--it's not my road. i need to step back a bit and let him live his life. i can be, and certainly am, sympathetic to his situation--but while our roads have come together and run side by side, they are not the same road. so i will let him steer on his side, just as he allows me to steer on mine.

once a co-dep, always a co-dep? hmmmm, food for thought!

meanwhile i am up to my eye teeth in my own situation involving a really old credit card debt, which has been steadily increasing due to interest and penalties spun out for more than a decade.


i'm taking steps to correct it, and look forward to finally ending the bad karma associated with this debt and with my attitude towards money and prosperity.

i know that it's been tainting everything i do financially. even though i had forgotten about it, it sure didn't go away.

that's the news from here for today. enjoy your week!


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