Thursday, July 07, 2005

Possibility Network-ing

I don't know how many of you saw the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? but I saw it several times and then bought a copy when it came out on dvd.
A couple of focus/study groups formed in Tucson and the following comes from one of the group leaders.
I attended one meeting of this group but it conflicted with my work schedule so I was unable to continue going to the weekly meetings, but I think this is a worthwhile project so am broadcasting it to my wide, wide readership (vbg)!


----- Original Message -----
From: Jack McDaniel
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 3:12 PM


Collective Conscious Intention Project

The following is both an invitation to an experiment and an announcement of a very real event quietly taking place among the population of Earth. That event is the convergence of long time mystical understanding of the connectedness of all things and the new scientific frontier that is examining the truths of that claim.

According to the largely accepted evidence of contemporary research into human brain function, the most advanced of our kind are using little more than 10% of that organ's potential. That would indicate that within the remaining 90%, lay dormant, unknown skills and understandings that are essentially unrecognizable to the standard expectations of our habitual world view.

IS it really a matter of organic brain activity or is that neglected percentage the doorway to something infinitely larger?

We stand on the brink of an evolutionary leap. There is a patient, gentle urging to expand our consciousness growing louder and it may be that the power and mastery of conscious intention is absolutely key to our success in slipping beyond the boundary of 10%.

WHAT ARE THE WORKING PRINCIPLES AND ULITIMATE NATURE OF REALITY? This question, truly and openly asked; meaning without attachment to the conclusions of past experiences, dogmas, or yes, even the evidence of five senses functioning in three dimensions; could be how human discord and disharmony with nature is reversed.

Such a question begins with individual realization and acceptance of responsibility, in the present, for the results of a belief system that dictates that competition, conflict and lack are inevitable conditions. If those conclusions are not, indeed, unshakable truth, what then IS possible?

A new paradigm is called for and its first tenet is CONNECTION. Even if that only penetrates to the level of knowing we all draw breath from the same closed system of one atmosphere. Without active and wide spread investigation into new relationships with ourselves and our reality, we condemn our future to repeating the contradiction that although all human beings share one uniting motivation, the desire for HAPPINESS, there is little, or no, united cooperation for its universal fulfillment.

And so, we invite you to participate in an experiment of the conscious collective power of intention. From its very first word this document is that experiment. How does intention communicate, blend, bond and create? What does the following intention mean? What will it affect directly, indirectly or within seemingly unrelated conditions? What this intention defines is posed in, dare we say, very broad specifics, which might therefore appear vague. Ah, but allow yourself to ponder outside the words, the whole idea beyond the sum of its parts and so discover and make known to the cosmos of infinite possibility your own personal vision of what it means to you

So what we ask is this. If you agree with the following declaration of intent, please forward this email to as many people as you wish or can. Then print out the declaration twice and sign both copies. On one copy print your mailing and email addresses, plus any comments, personal declarations, imagery or anything you wish to add and post that copy to---

The Possibility Network
11600 N. Vista Del Sol
Tucson, AZ
85742 USA

Take the other copy and tack it up in a prominent spot in your home or work (you know, like the fridge) and whenever you are so inspired, reread it, preferably out loud, and re-empower all the force of intention you can muster within you to visualize its creation complete, and in doing this realize you may be performing a higher service to humanity than any amount of donation would ever add up to. The tangible results of this effort (your letters of intent) will be used for the purpose of demonstrating a public demand on grant proposals and to other funding sources as well as drawing media awareness to the dimensions of a population calling out for new solutions to problems the old solutions merely perpetuate. The intangible results may be 90% more powerful than we can imagine.

I AM the power of intention to create an international institution and common access resource center dedicated to funding, networking, linking and publicizing the work of new and existing programs, organizations, foundations and individuals that explore, practice and teach the principles of understanding and expanding consciousness, as well as encourage and assist inspired thinkers with the formation of new groups and research projects whose purpose is the same, all for the benefit of directing humankind to the universal revelation of unity and connection with a singular source and hence, the transformation to a world whose priority is quality of life and happiness for all its inhabitants.


(In the email, this was centered nicely on the page, but I can't make it work in my preview. You can reformat it before you print it out, if so desired....)

I'm sending mine in tomorrow. You?


At 7/8/05, 11:41 AM, Blogger Cootera said...

Ah yes... that movie was good. Well, good doesn't really quite cover it. I need to watch it again, methinks, as I had a wee bit of a fever when I saw it a few months ago. Though the fever just MAY have contributed to some of my understanding...

Anyhoo, I've copied the declaration and am dropping it in the post tonight.

At 7/9/05, 4:35 AM, Blogger kath said...

have not seen it yet.. have heard so many things..

love what you posted here about intention..


At 7/10/05, 6:54 AM, Blogger lightfeather said...

Oh now this has gotten me excited. I t makes me feel like clapping my hands and saying, "I believe, I believe!"

I am going to cut and paste and send it right along!


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