Sunday, June 26, 2005


Sunday again, and I just noticed that I no longer have the little icons to change my font and font color. Whassup wit dat?

The weather report is that the rain did it's usual Tucson thing--meaning that parts of the area got rain and others (my house) got teased. What a nice tease though! Wind, clouds, lightning, some thunder, a pitiful few (and quickly evaporated) showers. Plus the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, thankfully.

Not much going on, just Sunday stuff. Paper, fancy coffee, river walking, etc.

(Mr. Edge, I've been trying to use that spark you passed on in one of your recent posts, but can't seem to get anything to ignite, except my work. Perhaps that's the passion I get to play. LOL.)

Can't wait to get out to MaggiezFarm next time to see the changes her hard work have wrought. I suppose since the school schedule is slowing down I'll make a trek out that way in the near future.

Have a nice Sunday, and give thanks out loud somewhere today.

ciao for now!


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