Monday, July 04, 2005

hidey ho

New template, I like it, I lost all my links to other peoples' blogs, it's hot, it's the 4th of July, I'm singing with a band this evening for the first time in ages, I practiced with them last night, it felt great to sing into a mic again, I'm outta here, wish me luck!



At 7/4/05, 3:01 PM, Blogger tara said...

like the template too! have fun singing tonight!

At 7/4/05, 3:27 PM, Blogger I n g e r said...


Oh, the envy. Tell all.

At 7/4/05, 5:48 PM, Blogger lightfeather said...

Yeah! Sounds like fun and also like you might be jumping on that horse named Destiny!

Stay cool! It's hot out there!

At 7/4/05, 7:38 PM, Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

good luck on the gig, you go girl.

At 7/4/05, 8:02 PM, Blogger dkgoodman said...

Break a leg?

At 7/4/05, 10:18 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Its a wonderful feeling! :)

At 7/4/05, 11:21 PM, Blogger Michelle said... the color!


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