Sunday, June 12, 2005

favorite dog toy

Not much happens in my life beyond work, dogs, and blogs these days (I did enjoy watching the first 2 season discs of Northern Exposure recently, but my screen of preference is the 'puter). My own little hibernation I guess. At any rate, early summer evenings in Tucson are delicious. The air is like silk on your skin if there's any breeze at all, and sitting just outside the kitchen door ensures cool air leakage from inside.

Best of all, the sun is nowhere to be seen. Stars sometimes show themselves over the ambient city light, especially around the new moon (6/6). My neighbors are mostly quiet and I appreciate that and try to return the favor. But last night I had to listen to Los Lonely Boys with the volume cranked and a beer by my side, taking the cd player outside along with me.

So it's dusking and cooling and I'm listening to the tunes and getting a just little melancholy; these are Tex-Mex love songs crooned by three very yummy-looking young brothers in the most sweet and sincere manner, and I'm partnerless--mostly by choice, but at times I do rue the condition. Not ever for long, but anyway, my story....

I hear this insanely weird noise, like a car with a flat tire kachunk kachunk kachunk, except there's no motor sound and it's in my yard, what the #$% is it disturbing my maudlin reverie?

It's Angus with his new favorite toy, which is a bicycle helmet that the previous tenant left behind and I had in a box on the porch. I'd forgotten he'd claimed ownership of it until he came barrelling around the side of the house, riding the damn thing!

Since it's dome-shaped, he's either rockin' and rollin' with his front paws inside it, or shoving it along the gravel trying to flip it over like a tortoise with all it's appendages tight inside, or dragging it beside him at top speed by the nylon straps. It makes a heinous noise regardless of which side is up, and all the neighbor dogs could NOT figure out what it was, and set up one hell of a barking festival.

Meanwhile I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, and there went my itty bitty blues, just like that.

Gotta love a dog that will break my bank one week and then split my sides the next!


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