Friday, June 10, 2005

He's back!

Angus has made a full recovery and I'm happy to be finding shoes all over the yard and defending myself from becoming punctured again! My heart is full. Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers! I know they all helped tons--plus it's just amazing what a few hours of IV fluids will do for a young puppy.

I brought him home yesterday right before having to be at work for 7 hours--my longest day. Since parvo can live outside of the dog (in piles in the yard, say) for up to 6 months, I knew I had to keep him inside for that time. So I closed off all the rooms I could, laid down peepee pads, and crossed my fingers that he wouldn't destroy the living room while I was gone.

Here we must segue back to his early puppyhood at Maggie's Farm, when she was encouraging me to bring a pupster home. I was considering what to call him, and the name Snow Lion came to mind as it is a Tibetan symbol, and I am studying Tibetan Buddhism, and my other dog's name is Sun Bear. It all seemed to mesh nicely. However, if you try calling out, "Here, Snow Lion!" you will understand why I ultimately chose not to call him that. But recently I was shopping online for a mala (Buddhist rosary) and also bought some Tibetan incense. I already had a box of Tara incense, and bought a juniper one and also one called "Snow Lion" simply b/c of the name.

So last night I got home and heard him barking through the door. I'd kept Sun Bear out, as I didn't want her to be the enforced babysitter for that length of time, so it was the first time he'd been kept inside Alone. I went in the house and began my search, dodging jumping puppy and pushing dog, to see if everything was intact.

Of course he had turned over the trash in the kitchen. He'd also taken 3 empty beer bottles on a tour of the living room. He'd been playing with a floodlight bulb that was under the couch. And he'd discovered my altar, rearranged the water offering cups, and completely shredded one box of incense. Just one. Which one do you think he chose?



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