Friday, June 03, 2005

blog clog

Hey--I've been in the doldrums the last few days. Nothing special or profound--but as my good friend cHarley says, If you' re not depressed or anxious about the world of late, you're not paying attention. Or something like that. Sorry if it's a misquote, guy, but this is Blogland.

Much of my psychic energy is once again beaming towards Ms. Magz, whose cup of shit continues to runneth over. If you know what I'm talking about, send her some prayers of completion. If not, don't sweat it; just send prayers. I'm probably heading out her way either today or tomorrow for some hang time at the farm. I'll take my guitar and my Mike's Hard Lime and we'll see what happens. One foot in front of the other--we've all been there.

And meanwhile, Angus is cuter than ever and has mostly learned not to bite me and Sun Bear. He's elongating nicely, can jump up on the couch from a near-standstill (pogo-dog!), and is learning about Not Barking In The House Or In The Car these days. I'd be happy if he were a quiet dog, but he's got genetic hardwiring for the opposite; his mother is an annoying repetitive barker and Magz has more than once threatened to strangle Belle with her own doggie tongue. (Now there's a visual.) However, since I got him so early in his life, he has had equal time with a non-barking role model, so I hope longevity counts for more than heredity.

Interesting question that, one that has plagued psychologists/psychiatrists/social scientists for eons: Nature vs. Nurture? What's more important, the hardware or the software? Where's the dividing line b/t what our ancestral forebears genetically imprinted in our DNA, and what our nest and learning experiences provide? And can that line be crossed?

Chew on that awhile, and let me know where you get.

ciao for now!


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