Sunday, June 05, 2005

What a day...!

I had a lovely, simply lovely, time at Maggie's Farm. We didn't do a whole heck of a lot, but managed to buy some new duds at the dollar store and eat big at the Chinese restaurant. (At least I did; Magz couldn't manage more than a teeny bowl of hot and sour soup and a couple of crab puffs. Can anyone tell me WHY they are called crab puffs when they don't seem to contain the smallest shred of crab--or even Krab--meat?)

Repairing back to the farm I was lulled to sleep by Magz' dulcet tones reading me an incredibly convoluted blogtale, about an event that was blogged by 3 different people. I can't even begin to describe it as I was dozing off for most of it, but I think the people are Jack, Jay, and ?Rick? ?Rob?--see, I wasn't kidding when I said I missed a lot. But it was high comedy and if I ever find it online I'll blog the links.

This morning we had a lazy time with coffee and the computer, and finally headed outside where a divinely sunny day embraced us with its beneficence. I shoveled horse shit for the first time in a long time.
It's hard for Magz to watch anyone else clean her corrals, but I told her to get over it as I needed the therapy. It's quite soothing actually.

Back to Tucson today where my son informed me through tears of joy that he's been accepted into Architecture School! That's a big huzzah for him! Proud mother is just beaming!

Meanwhile, Angus has been off his feed for a couple of days. Him being a puppy and all, I just figured he'd eaten something putrid, and had been giving him some activated charcoal for his tummy ache (works for people too). That wasn't having much of an effect, so after observing his listless state and eventual refusal to even drink water, decided it was time to go see the vet--the emergency vet--the many dollar signs, but we're open ALL the time vet--and damn it, he has canine parvo virus. The diagnosis is not a happy one, but I think his prognosis is fair. They gave him some SQ fluids and a couple of shots. It was wise not to have waited until tomorrow morning, when he is still going to see our regular vet. I hope he's as strong as I think he is.

So, baby food and Pedialyte, neither of which he's interested in, are on the menu tonight. And my nice colleagues at work are finding a sub for me at the massage school, so I don't have to worry about covering class tomorrow. We shall see what we shall see. Anyone have any good stories about parvo? I did some research on the web before taking him in--actually that's what made up my mind, due to the potentially life-threatening nature of the thing--and there's some kind of wonder cure available online. I'd appreciate knowing if anyone has tried it. It's called Parvoguard.

OK so that's all the news from my corner. I feel pleasantly toasty from working in the sun for a short while today and am keeping optimistic about my puppydog. Please join me!

ciao for now!


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