Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why I Blog

Well, my little bitty rant about losing readership made me start thinking....why do I blog?

If I blog only to get comments, well, that's like saying that I do massage just for the tips. Every now and then (well, actually a little more often than that), I'll give a kick-ass massage--and the person leaves without tipping.

[NOTE TO READERS: If you get a massage from a self-employed MT, then don't tip--they are getting the total buck amount themselves--but if you go to a massage clinic, where the person is an employee of a larger organization and only receiving a percentage of the total, please tip if you got a good treatment!]

OK where was I? Oh yeah. I do massage because it's an awesome way to be of service while earning a living. I can't imagine working in an office 40 hours a would seriously erode my natural spontaneous optimism. And that is one other thing that I also offer my clients--the energetic result of doing what I love for a living. That's important--way more important than receiving a $5 tip!

So, blogging? Do I blog because I simply have to express myself no matter who's reading? YOU BETCHA I DO (and Magz, it's mostly your fault that I'm doing it in public now--my journal-keeping has suffered a bit due to this new habit you've introduced!)!!

Meanwhile, we got RAIN last night--pretty amazing for May weather--and this morning was cool, overcast, and breezy. Perfect for dog-walking, bike-riding, hangover-nursing--you name it. LOL.

And now it's time for me to get my ass on my meditation cushion before I have to go to work. Thanks for the comments, I do enjoy the reciprocation--but I'm thinking I'll be here anyway!

The Big Question for Today: Why do YOU blog?

ciao for now!


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