Friday, May 27, 2005

bored ya, didn't I?

Yeah, so I lost about 3/4 of my readership when I mentioned the Buddhism class. OH WELL.

It's Friday afternoon, 4:30-ish and only 95 degrees! We've had lovely hazy cloud cover for 2 days, and a brisk warm wind out the southwest last night made the evening truly lovely for sitting outdoors with a Mike's Hard Lime (new flavor and by far the best).

I'm getting blitzed courtesy of Cootera's Sloppy Virgin recipe (check back in my comment section for it, or leave a comment here if you really want it and are too lazy to look). I really don't drink very much at all, so introducing vodka into my body has totally rearranged my typing abilities, lol. I only had one appointment today so I guess I'm in for the night, getting seriously wasted by myself. Is that some kind of danger sign? (Only if you are trying to be a good Buddhist, Taza....)

Meanwhile, nothing.


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