Friday, May 20, 2005

back again

It's slightly less hot now (note color change)--almost 10 p.m. and still 92 degrees, but when it's been as hot as it was today, 92 feels all right. Plus the added benefit of no sun makes this desert evening almost pleasant.

I'm slightly tipsy on Corona with hard lemonade added in a proportion of London they call it "shandy" when they mix beer with lemonade. I've always enjoyed the flavor mix. Most people can't stand it and even the idea of mixing their beer with anything makes them screw up their faces in a most amusing manner.

Mr. Puncture Wound, oooops, I mean Angus the Adorable, has almost learned the command "DON'T BITE!!!" My arms look like I've been out trimming mesquite trees with a dull set of nippers. He's coming along. I keep telling The Old Dog that he won't be a puppy forever; soon enough he will be a grown up, less cute, farting, 3-dimensional rug just like she is. NAW I am kidding, she is still very cute and not much of a gasbag....thankfully!

I don't seem to remember the insanity of her puppyhood in quite the same way that I'm experiencing Angus', but then again he was taken from his mother WAY too early....AND he's a heeler to boot, which from everything I've observed over the last 2 weeks means he's got doggy ADHD. He's settled down a little since I bought some milk to add to his food--I'm pretty much non-dairy and never thought of it until I saw how much bigger his puppy sibs were. So now he's packing on those cow-building calories and looking a lot better for them.

OK, I'm nattering on about dogs and the weather....time to go.

ciao for now!


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