Saturday, March 12, 2016


I am sick of politics and sick of Facebook and sick of the meandering of my own mind.

I am tired of poverty and tired of snarkiness and tired of assholes who just don't get it.

At the very same time, i recognize how truly blessed i am, to complain about attitudes and platitudes. I can take a hot shower in my very house! I live alone and have a giant yard buffering me from the midtown Tucson world! I have food in the fridge! I have a car that needs some work but otherwise is still carting me from place to place!

I am so much richer than so many. And yet i had to redeem all my quarters ($350 worth) just to pay rent this month. Not sure how to jumpstart my practice when i have so many doubts and complaints.

Thank you for my blessings. May i cultivate a grateful mind. May i cultivate a compassionate heart. May i release myself from this endless suffering.


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