Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vernal Equinox!

Happy spring....always a bittersweet day as this is also the day my mother died, in 1968. So she's forever tied to the Springing of Spring just as my dad is always tied to Christmas (he fell on Christmas Eve 2002, and died the evening of the 26th.)

Yesterday i said "No More" to a lover of a year, but an association of 8. His path is for himself only. And while i am mourning the loss of a beautiful fun activity we shared, i'm certain that it's for the best. If only it felt as good as i know it to be.

The larger question is always, why choose those who can't love/appreciate/reflect/return goodness?

So today is a tearful day in which i am giving thanks for love, in all its guises. One day i hope to learn a little tiny bit about love. Until then....i'll continue stumbling on.



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