Monday, March 21, 2016


I think i'm finally getting a glimmer here.

If Love is the doesn't matter what the question is!

I awoke this morning knowing i need to make a big change. I have been allowing the circumstances of my life to dictate my mood, and have been depressed for months. Thank goodness for Spring and bird song and sunshine (Tucson's best feature) to light the future direction.

I have *chosen* (aka "co-created") the circumstances of my life, to teach me that the circumstances of my life are secondary to the mental/emotional states i cultivate and radiate.

The trick is to use the tools i've acquired and honed over the years to actually shift my attitude into one of greater expansion, greater awareness, and greater clarity.

So this morning i found a 30-day meditation series on YouTube (such a great use of technology IMO) and was able to actually SIT and BREATHE for the full half hour. And i can still feel the groundedness it afforded me.

I am thankful for my health, my strength, my blessings too numerous to mention.


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