Wednesday, October 08, 2008

chilling "October Surprise"

(email from a friend)

This is almost unbelievable. Naomi Wolf is calling it right. (blind) Forward as you see fit.

Be afraid. There may not be an election. Sounds like Bush was given 100 Billion himself of unfettered funds in the bailout plan...

First, set the stage:
Source, 27 minutes of Naomi Wolf laying it all out:

Don't trust the left?
Here is admission on the Military Times website that the 1st Brigade has been deployed on American soil for the purpose of "disaster management" and crowd control. The first military group ever trained with "non-lethal" weaponry (conveniently side-stepping the 300 deaths so far from tasers). Very telling are the comments from active duty military, identifying this as unconstitutional, and a very scary idea regardless. All of this was made legal in the Patriot Act.

Here is the testimony on CSPAN of Rep. Sherman, who testifies that the Congress was warned of consecutive 1000-point drops in the market and subsequent martial law if the bailout package was not passed:

Everyone was wondering what the October Surprise was... I guess if you're Bush, if you can't win or steal an election, Katey bar the door.


At 10/14/08, 7:09 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Naomi is awesome!


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