Saturday, August 23, 2008

dreaming again

OK, this is getting strange!

last night/this morning i was dreaming again. i was in a large crowd of people--we were all gathered for some specific reason, and were joining hands to sing a song. some man's child was being fractious, so i engaged him (the child) in conversation, diverting his attention and calming him somewhat.

later on, after we had sung our song, i was sitting outside at a picnic table, and the kid's father came up on my left side, nestling the bell of his clarinet into the crook of my neck. he then proceeded to play Clair de Lune (Claude Debussy) for me. it was sooo beautiful--not that i have ever heard (or imagined) this piece played on the clarinet!

and it was odd, because i didn't really hear it, but 'just knew' (in that dream-way of 'just knowing') that it was that piece of music.

i got shivers in the dream, it was so otherworldly but surely wonderful.

Clair de Lune was the first piano piece i played for a recital, when i was about 8 or 9, so it has huge significance for me--but i haven't heard it or thought about it for a long time.


i did an outcall for a couple today. i worked on her first, as he was out when i arrived. she put on a cd of a boy's chorus called Libera (check it out HERE) and told me she had heard one of the songs on the radio when she was in Wyoming on vacation, and was so moved by that one song that she wrote it down and bought the cd as soon as she got back to Tucson.

the voices were incredible--i have not listened to this kind of music before--and as we listened, she said, oh this is the one i heard on the radio!--IT WAS A VOCAL ARRANGEMENT OF CLAIR DE LUNE!!!

this is beyond bizarre--how did the Universe arrange all this, and, more curiously, to what end?


At 8/26/08, 3:06 PM, Blogger alan said...

One of the highlights of the movie "Horseman on the Roof" is a solo clarinet playing Mozart; it's amazing the power of a good soloist to reach inside someone's soul!



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