Friday, September 12, 2008

settling in

well, her name is PEARL (as in "Pearly-Girl") and she is soooooo sweet!

everyone is continuing to adjust--some better than others.

i can't believe i have 3 dogs! what am i, nuts?


At 9/13/08, 11:32 AM, Blogger alan said...

We've been there before, though hopefully I'll have some more room around me before we are again!

No, you're not crazy! You just have this big beautiful heart that I love!


At 9/15/08, 7:01 PM, Blogger TaraDharma said...

Hey, as long as you love them, and can take care of them, GO for it! They all look like very sweet doggies. I have 2 I am only one dog away from what some would deem 'excess.' Just watch it with the cats -- if your house reeks of dirty cat litter and your dining table is covered with food and water bowls, well, then you're in trouble.


At 9/21/08, 9:48 AM, Blogger taza said...


uh-oh, who gave you access to the web cam?

the stove has become 'just another horizontal surface' over the past week, although i found it just the other night. still functional, too!


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