Monday, September 08, 2008

....and then there were 4....

hey everybody--

got a new dog on Saturday!

she's the one i have been waiting for....a young yellow (white) Lab--female, mellow and playful at the same time. not sure how old she is, but probably around 5 months. there may be a little pitbull in the mix, but she is totally laid-back. i'll know more after i take her to the vet later this week.

when i first started looking for 'the 3rd dog' several months ago, this was exactly what i had in mind. some clients found her at their neighborhood park on Saturday, collar-less and more than happy to follow them home--just an hour before i showed up for their massage appointments!

still working on a name...."Guera" is the current favorite (pronounced "wedda", means "blonde" in Mexican Spanish). my son's girlfriend thinks she should be called "Pearl" ("perla" in Spanish). any votes out there?

we are staying close to home for the next few days and then we'll head to the riverbed for a big adventure.

so far: Angus is in love, Sun Bear is in denial, and Sam is in high dudgeon--but even he is mellowing out. this morning i was surrounded on all sides by warm, furry beings--Sam on my right, Angus and Guera on the left. no one seemed to be out of sorts with this arrangement. ha.

here's a pic: note Sam in the background! this was the first time they all chilled out in the same room.

here's another, minus the cat:
now, since it is obvious that i can manifest the perfect dog, the perfect MAN must be just around the corner!



At 9/8/08, 10:00 AM, Blogger alan said...

Were you angling toward Celtic I'd suggest Bronwyn, but since you are looking for a Southwestern flare, the ones you've found sound good!

Labs are always the best, I think!

I don't know if there is such a thing as that last critter you mentioned, but if there is I hope you find him!


At 9/8/08, 1:00 PM, Blogger nancy =) said...

i like perla =)

congrats on the awesome new addition!! there's nothing quite like running with a pack of your very own...

~ n

At 9/12/08, 9:36 AM, Blogger taza said...

hey alan,
thank you for the kind words; of course i meant perfect *for me* so that automatically includes certain character defects. (ha)

wonderful to see your smiley face again! i hope all is well in your neck of the woods. e me privately if you wish, would love to hear what is going on in your life!

At 9/14/08, 1:42 PM, Blogger kath said...


good job

manifest money

foget the perfect man..

At 9/21/08, 9:44 AM, Blogger taza said...

ROFL Kath....yeah, "the longer i know men, the more i like my dogs." ha.


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