Monday, September 22, 2008

time for a chuckle

i have to laugh sometimes. this is a sure-fire giggle-starter.

here's the update on my sister: she and her husband are now staying with friends in Houston, who have power and better cell phone reception. they are going to go to the island on Friday for their first view of What It Is. my other sister in PA is starting a fund-raising effort on their behalf. (if anyone out there in Blogland wants more info, email me privately at

i spoke to E. yesterday and she still sounded jagged, but more grounded. having better access to phone/computer is definitely a help. she has been trying to contact insurance agents to no avail. i am sure the insurance will take awhile to hit the pocketbooks of those most affected, but eventually it will come through.

time marches on....


At 9/22/08, 2:53 PM, Blogger alan said...

I hope they do come through instead of trying to wriggle out of it like so many others have done of late!



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