Friday, August 22, 2008

mellow drama

hee, hee, hee, couldn't resist that title, especially after yesterday's post.

i felt the hangover from that dream kiss all day. luckily i was able to go to a sweat last night and purge, pray and sing.

immensely blessed, extraordinarily lucky to be where i am in this life, i still manage to find things to complain about. the human condition, i guess?

so, nothing special to report--just wanted to have something more normal come after that poetically hysterical, dramatically understated, embarrassingly personal bit of pith.

oh, and if any of you know of a gifted Native American artist who is currently unattached, send him my way!



At 8/26/08, 2:59 PM, Blogger alan said...

I can only wish I were an unattached gifted Native American artist...



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