Monday, October 22, 2007

prayers for Shankara

so my long-time buddy Shankara has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, even in his brain, and could go at any time in the next month or so. he is being moved to hospice either today or tomorrow.

this is happening in paonia, CO, not tucson, so i can't go see him. but there was a nice Circle at the sweat yesterday, and someone got him on the phone, and we were all singing "his" song:

"good where we've been, good where we're going to; good where we've been, good where we're going to"

over and over for him to hear. then she walked around the Circle and put the phone in front of everyone's mouth for us to say something. (i'm such a smart-ass; i said, loud and cheerful, "write when you get work!")

i wish i could post a pic of him here, but 1) i don't have any, and 2) i don't have a scanner.


sam is now confined to the house 24/7 for fighting. he is miserable. therefore, i'm miserable. his right eye can't blink anymore due to the last fight he was in, so i've drawn the line at the doorway. he just won't stop. i thought keeping him in at night would solve it, but saturday i let him out for a couple of hours and sure enough, i heard that little so-and-so fighting in the neighbor's yard about 20 minutes after i put him out. it took me another hour to get him back in the house. so, since he won't come when i call, he gets to stay inside. yuck.


that's about it. say some prayers for my friend, if you like. his comment to me last week when i called him up: "dying is like taking off a tight shoe."


At 10/24/07, 2:58 AM, Blogger alan said...

My heart goes out to your friend and those who love him...

Thinking of you!


At 10/24/07, 7:53 AM, Blogger nancy =) said...


~ n

At 10/27/07, 11:31 AM, Blogger kath said...

I am sad that your friend is leaving.. but glad that he has such good friends to help him on his journey..

will send energy to help him, too...


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