Saturday, September 08, 2007

What can YOU do in 2 hours?

this is the last question on a poverty quiz i just took; you may be able to access the whole quiz HERE.
makes me want to hurl, truthfully.

the correct answer really is (a) 2 hours.

9. At the 350 largest public companies, the average CEO total direct compensation was $11.6 million in 2005. How long does it take the average CEO to earn the annual pay of a full-time minimum wage worker?

a) 2 hours, b) six hours, c) 1 day


At 9/16/07, 8:09 AM, Blogger alan said...

I have come back and looked at this so many times this week as our UAW contract is up and so the "sword of Damacles" has been dangling over us since Friday (will there be a strike, will there not be a strike, what are we giving up this time...?).

Had hoped it would be settled by now, but no such luck!

Hope you are having a good weekend!



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