Monday, September 03, 2007

random shots

well--for the past 2 1/2 hours i have been browsing blogs and leaving comments. what a salubrious holiday undertaking!

fall is in the air. we don't get much over 95-100 these days. (ha)

there was a great rain and lightning storm here on saturday. i was going out to TerraSante with my friends J. and S. for a full-moon gathering, but we had to turn around at the first gushing wash. we had been fishtailing in the mud up to that point in his 4WD anyway, so we ended up going to Gate's Pass for the twilight lightning show.

J. never travels without at least 3 didgeridoos and assorted flutes, shakers, rattles, and claves in his truck, so after the sun had completely disappeared we asked the only other fellow at the lookout, a photographer, if he minded if we got some instruments out and played some music. i don't think he was expecting didgeridoos!

didge music is desert music--vast, encompassing, mystical, and meditative. we were just enjoying ourselves--J. and S. were blowing didges and i was accompanying them with assorted hand percussion. the photographer was so impressed, he told us that he wants to hire us to play the background music for an upcoming video he is making. we'll see!

in the meantime, Chris and i have spoken and emailed a couple of times, and are keeping silent for now (probably forever). i can't imagine how chaotic his life must be, but mine is certainly less so without our involvement. what else can i say? i get lonely sometimes, but that's what my animals are for. as long as there are riverbeds to walk and dog parks to explore, i've got good company--plus J. has been a good friend as well.

later on this afternoon, i'm going to my Buddhist friends' new home for a Medicine Buddha practice and pot luck. tashi delek!

many thanks to Tara Dharma for the Medicine Buddha pic....

p.s. update on sam: after 3 days of hiding behind the futon bed, sam has decided that i am still all right, and it is OK for him to drape himself all over me once again. imagine my delight. :)


At 9/5/07, 3:22 AM, Blogger alan said...

I came home tonight and got a plate of shredded cheddar instead of some of the other things that usually find their way in here with me. I set it down to get my glasses out of the kitchen and when I came around the corner Frankie had his paw in it. I hissed at him and the other paw came off the table, but he sat in the chair licking the one that had been in my plate.

I moved in here and then heard a loud crash; apparently since there wasn't anymore cheese on the table he decided he should throw the phone on the floor...

That got him squirted with a water bottle; now it's been an hour and he's back rubbing on my legs and talking to me, lol!

Glad you are forgiven!



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