Tuesday, September 18, 2007

whot's nu?

hmmm, it's a gorgeous early fall day here. not even 90 degrees yet, and the sun's angle is enjoyable vs. frying; there is a breeze and the windchimes are thrumming at my new neighbor's. i mean, it is 1:00 in the afternoon and my windows are actually OPEN!!!

we are all fine. sam continues to fight at night if he manages to slip out; i am ready to chain him to my desk chair. dawgs are good--sun bear happier since the weather has turned, and angus, as always, is my ever-present sidekick.

i find i am missing Chris--or at least missing the regular, reliable connection with Other that sometimes helps define Self. but i'm not in the market for anyone at all, either....romance is not on my to-do list. rediscovering friendship in the context of "i'm not looking" is good for the soul.

i have a 'non-date' this friday with a friend of mutual persuasion (i.e. also "not looking"). we will have dinner and then go hear Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christy speak about Spiritual Partnership. just gotta love the irony of it all.

i have been reading voraciously about Tibet. and watching videos about Tibet. also a couple of books about Native American/Tibetan connections. deeply interesting to me right now.

don't you just love that half-smile on the Buddha's face? it's how i feel most of the time lately. (thanks to James, from whose blog i lifted that pic!)

oh, and i'm going to California (Berzerkly!) in October to help nurse a friend who is having shoulder surgery. she is paying my way, angel that she is. i am hungry for the coastline, for Big Water, for the expanse of blue coolness extending outwards infinitely.

plus she is a hill of fun, even post-surgery, i'll wager. she is Wavy Gravy's chiropractor, for you who get that reference, and broke her clavicle last spring, skiing in New Mexico. she's been working half-time or less since, putting up with pain and inconvenience and other people running her practice (both a blessing and a curse, if you know what i mean). but through it all she maintains the voice of Spirit is teaching her how to handle everything, even when she doesn't want to acknowledge it. she is a warrior too. i am blessed to be part of her convalescence....and think that i'll be the one who is healed!


At 9/19/07, 5:48 PM, Blogger annie said...

sounds like a nice little getaway. keep in touch about it, and maybe we could have a cup of tea or coffee together? take care, taza.

At 9/23/07, 11:52 AM, Blogger Laloofah said...

Hey, Taza!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog and your support! :-) Things are coming together, though much is left to be done. At least now I think we can be less overwhelmed and enjoy the process more.

We'll both be in CA next month! I'll be at the McDougall Clinic in Santa Rosa for 10 days next month. I hope your friend has a speedy recovery and that you both enjoy your visit as much as it sounds like you will! :-)

I love the Buddha pic... if that's not bliss (or at least utter contentment!), I don't know what is. James' blog is beautiful, I've added it to my favorite blogs list.

Be sure to check out the Tibetan Nuns Project if you haven't already...

Enjoy your day, Taza!

Love, Laurie

At 9/24/07, 2:22 PM, Blogger TaraDharma said...

oh, the bay area can have some lovely fall weather -- could even have a heat wave in October! No kidding! Watch the weather reports and remember: LAYERS. If its foggy and cold in the a.m. it just might be hot and sunny in the afternoon.

I do love the Buddha photo.


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