Tuesday, August 28, 2007

tuesday musings

tomorrow sam the kitty gets neutered. he has been fighting the neighbor's cat with caterwauling regularity, and i'm way behind on this little chore.

i had to look back in my archives to find out when i got him--it was 8/18/06!

in the past year, he really has crawled into my heart, and twirled his long fluffy tail around it.


At 8/29/07, 2:01 AM, Blogger alan said...

Neutered or not, he's still a very lucky kitty!


At 8/29/07, 5:46 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Awww Sam is "losing the twins"!!

At 9/1/07, 5:47 AM, Blogger Mary said...

What and adorable little friend.

How did everything go?


At 9/1/07, 8:39 AM, Blogger puhpaul said...

He's beautiful. I hope the neutering works, it might be a little late to make him change his behaviour.


At 9/2/07, 9:36 AM, Blogger kath said...

what a beautiful boy! I have always wanted a red tabby, but none have ever come my way.....

you are lucky to have each other !


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