Sunday, October 14, 2007

ahhh the return to the Sweat

i might as well admit that Tucson is my home. i think i've held out for about, oh, 20 years to make that statement. but being gone for 5 days, and even enjoying those 5 days away, did not prepare me for the delight and genuine relief i felt when i went to the Sweat today.

being naked outdoors is good for the soul.

oh, and the pool is so delightfully chilly around now, makes jumping in a real psychedelic head rush! the best things in life....aren't things. they are feelings. like going from 180 degrees inside the Sweat, to about 68 degrees in the pool. yum.

here is a picture of the ceiling above my bed. i got this fabulous idea from S, whose ceiling i decorated on my last day in Berzerkely. (of course, hers were more about "swift healing" and "strong shoulders".)

yes, i'm spending time most every day meditating on financial abundance and the wonderful way it will make me feel.

the anxiety i experience almost daily about finances is profound. i am trying to feel the relief i know i would have--if money were not an issue--instead of the anxiety. kinda like "fake it 'til you make it" i guess.

and here is a picture of my Sammer Man, being kittenish.

that's about it from me today. oh, guess i should include a cute Angus and Sun Bear shot as well. here you go, enjoy!


At 10/16/07, 2:09 AM, Blogger alan said...

Love the ceiling idea!

Like the kitty playing on the bookshelf; mine would be a bit harder to find room in. Some intriguing books there!

Quite a family you have around you!


At 10/21/07, 2:44 PM, Blogger kath said...

I have to upload my picture of Rosie napping among my books... lol!

I like the ceiling idea, too... my bedroom has glow in the dark stars .. has since Amy slept there . She put them up in junior high and i love them.

glad to know that you are safe and happiey.. on the way to getting happier and more prosperous at home.


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