Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eckhart Tolle has something to say

Dear Friends

I imagine that each of you are feeling the intensity everyday of how life is mirroring back to you that which is no longer serving you. This is a very potent time for becoming more acutely aware of all aspects of ourselves, the very subtle patterns that have been deeply inlaid in our consciousness and are running us around in circles. The energies are such now that we have greater access to naming and seeing those things which have had power over us. Every moment, the world mirrors ourself back to us.

A human being who lives in connectedness with THAT and then acts and interacts becomes a blessing on the planet, whereas the unenlightened human is very heavy on the planet. There is a heaviness to the unenlightened. And the planet is suffering from millions of unenlightened humans. The burden on the planet is taking it's toll. However, the good news is transformation is taking place.

... from Eckhart Tolle


At 8/24/07, 1:50 AM, Blogger alan said...

Someone I need to add to my endless reading list...

You are wonderful!


At 8/26/07, 5:12 AM, Blogger kath said...

Hey Taz! I just wanted to peek in and see how you are doing.. went back to work last week and have been very behind on email and online etc...
sending a hug your way!


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