Monday, July 23, 2007

my note from the Universe this morning

OK, a refresher on what to imagine, when imaging super-fun life-changes, or any kind of change your heart desires: Details are good, Taza. Lots and lots of details are even better. Imagine every sight, sound, color, and texture. Aroma, too. The more details the clearer the picture the faster the manifestation.

But tell me, if, hypothetically and unexpectedly, I could help you manifest a Lamborghini faster than a Maserati, and it turned out, once familiar with it, you'd rather have the Lamborghini; someone tall, blonde, and handsome, instead of someone tall, dark, and handsome, and it turned out upon meeting this person there's no one you'd rather be with; or bring you creative fulfilling work as a designer instead of as an engineer, a home in London rather than Paris, a plane instead of a boat, a windfall instead of just debt-reduction, an Oscar rather than an Emmy, sooner rather than later, and in every case such surprises not only strayed from the details you first imagined, but were deeply in line with a truer you than you even knew existed, wouldn't they just thrill you to pieces?

Good, so now you know what I mean when I say that even as you would ideally imagine every conceivable detail of your heart's desire, don't attach yourself to those details, only to the bigger pictures of wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, health and harmony, thereby leaving me the wiggle-room I need to blow your beautiful mind.

Attached to you,
The Universe


ok, the truth is that i've known about the New Girlfriend for about a week. it was a hard week but i know myself and i know that i blow through stuff pretty quick if i just let myself FEEL it.

i have been pissed off and hurt and i have cried a lot and i'm about done with it.

besides, this note from the Universe today is a wonderful way to start my newest new beginning.

and i wish sweetie and his next new beginning all the best.

just might be awhile before i can tell him that in person.


At 7/24/07, 3:19 AM, Blogger TK said...

Oh honey... I'm sorry for this turn in the path. Be well--take care of yourself. New things are coming.

xoxo Inger

At 7/24/07, 10:56 AM, Blogger annie said...

sending love and understanding your way, taza. truly.

At 7/26/07, 12:30 PM, Blogger alan said...

I know I followed you back and thanked you for the kind words the other day, but don't know why it disappeared!

Having about 800 of us where I work, down from 2500 when I hired in 29 years ago, I see relationships build and fade all the time. Sometimes very bitterly!

Just the your thinking you might be able to tell him that in person, ever, makes you so very very special!

Thank you for your visit and your kind words!


At 7/28/07, 7:57 AM, Blogger kath said...

just want to say that you are in my thoughts daily...sending energy your way, my friend


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