Monday, July 30, 2007

light & love

a few weeks ago--my 27 June post--i made a small mention of an event that happened on 17 July at 11:11 GMT (which translated to 4:11 a.m. Arizona time). it was called "Fire the Grid".

it's too long of a story to relate it all here, but if you are interested i recommend going to the site and reading more.

there's a cd that goes along with the whole thing, and i got a copy, and i've been listening to it a ton, and it's helping so much. i have played it at work and folks have commented on how magical their treatments have been. it's definitely transporting music!

it's called Light & Love and you can check it out at

here's a blurb from the site:

A meditation CD unlike any before it, LIGHT & LOVE features a compelling and enlightening collection of some of Anael and Bradfield's finest instrumental and vocal music, sequenced exactly as requested by Shelley Yates' Light Beings, but more importantly, it holds important tonal information to awaken the soul and infuse human beings with truth, love and hope for the future. These hidden tones are in fact an encoded program to facilitate the awakening and ascension of a critical mass of humanity on our planet as we engage the universal energy and shift into a new paradigm. Bradfield has an incredible gift to hear these tones and embed them in his creations, creating in essence "medicine" for this energy transformation.

LIGHT & LOVE is carefully programmed to assist during meditation, to open and activate chakras, or simply to uplift the listener to a place of pure joy, enhancing any day. The CD comes with a 28 page deluxe booklet containing insightful commentary and analysis by Shelley Yates (FIRE the GRID) to maximize the effect of this music and its power to alter our soul bodies.


meanwhile, i'm ever closer to the compassionate heart of wishing chris and amy all the best. (can't really call him "sweetie" anymore, hmh?)

plus, i no longer have to worry about julie--chris' son's mother--reading/looking over my shoulder. how i limited my expression, for fear of her reprisal, that would somehow reflect on him. that's fear-based living, and i'm glad to be shed of that bit of it.

so, taza--welcome to your freedom, hon!


At 7/30/07, 4:32 PM, Blogger Laloofah said...

Hey, Taz!
Oh, you're sounding ever so much better, and I'm so glad of it! I know you may still experience a dip now and then, but I do you've turned a corner! :-)
Sorry I've been out of touch... got sucked into the Blogathon vortex and am still decompressing! A night owl I am not - never have been, never will be! But it was fun. Thanks for the link to my blog! May I link to yours?
This CD you speak of sounds intriguing, I shall have to check it out!
Take care, Taza! I'm glad you got rain (we got some last week, such a relief -albeit temporary - from the heat and fire danger!) Hope it brought you some cooler temps and brought fresh beginnings into your life. :-)

At 7/31/07, 7:11 AM, Blogger Cootera said...

You're sounding much better, Taz. Chris is a great guy, and you're a great woman; I wish you both LOADS of happiness. Now then, the next guy you date should be (maybe, yes?) a little closer to you; it never quite sounded like you wanted to leave the desert, and I didn't get the impression that Chris could leave his river. But you sure did have some learning experiences together, and I s'pose that makes it all worth it. Hugs to you!


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