Saturday, November 05, 2005


It's Saturday and i've been back since Tuesday really late, but it's been a bit of a madhouse trying to re-enter life in the sunny southwest after actually enjoying (surprise!) the coolth of the chilly north! I tell you, those folks up there have fat blood--we were out strolling on Halloween, and there i was in a turtleneck, sweater, coat and a hat, while all around me were kids wearing nothing but t-shirts, acetate costumes, fairy wings, etc....and they were laughing while i was shivering!

So i'm back, the temps are in the 80's (naw, there's no such thing as global warming, George), Minneapolis hasn't had a hard freeze yet (unheard of by this date)--and Arizona Magz is laid up on account of one of "my" horses.

Here's the lowdown on that deal: i needed a place for my 2 mares about 2 years ago--maybe 3? Magz instantly offered her place, and i accepted, knowing they'd be well cared for (and certainly well amused) and maybe even trained!

We actually had big plans for marketing Leah--a Quarter Horse/Arabian cross, well-pedigreed on both sides--for big bucks to some sweet little pre-teen horse nut....and my plan was to share the buckage with Magz, and give her the other mare as well (Mona, the sweet-eyed Arabian mother of Leah) for her work and time....but somehow the training never got done. And i ran out of money--not that i was ever paying Magz, bless her good-hearted self, but for awhile there i was at least buying the feed.

That hasn't been the case for many many moons as far as i'm concerned, both of those mares belong to Magz, (fore)lock, stock, and barrel! Now Leah's gone and proved herself untrustworthy, so it's looking like she'll get sold for dog food. That sucks on many levels and i'm finding myself feeling mighty bad about the whole deal. It's been on my mind to talk to Magz about it for a few weeks now, but darn if i haven't been a bit....distracted? with my new love interest. But with Chris as my witness, i told him weeks ago that it was time to sign both horses over to Magz officially, and get out of the horse business myself, since it's patently obvious that it's not in my blood the same way it's in hers.

What to do--what to say--except "I'm real sorry sis!" and show up shuffle-footed with a bottle of St. Brendan's Irish Cream and whatever pain meds i can rustle up?


At 11/7/05, 9:48 AM, Blogger magz said...

aww sis... see my blog for my eternal gratitude on yer help, i'm bad and shakey this am.. but better n yesterday thanks to YOU! LOVE YA!

At 11/7/05, 10:32 AM, Blogger Loner said...

Funny thing about "farming" I have moer dings adn stitched and bruised than I have ever had in my life - and I just couldn't be happier - seems to have the same effect on Magz as well. I lined to Chris's post - it was so moving.

At 11/7/05, 2:26 PM, Blogger magz said...

pee ess sees;

there's 2 loverly dangly silver saguros hangin out on my bathroom shelf, ya little harley ridin momma you!

At 11/7/05, 3:49 PM, Blogger Cootera said...

Ah Taz, it was swell of you to take care of Magz in her time of need. And gee, ya can't blame yerself for Leah goin' all kinky.

Now then, I wants to hear aaaaalll about your wunnerful wunnerful vacation!!


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